Another year started

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Yesterday (or rather today) I woke up at 9 (early for a holiday, even week days I won’t be up by 9!). I gave YOPER and OpenCd to the canteen guy so that Dr. Felix could have it when he pass by Canteen. We have been exchanging cds for some time (It started with ubuntu), he gave me Suse 9.2 and I gave him Fedora 3, Mandrake 10.1, Novell Linux 9, Kalango 3.0 … Read the rest of this entry »


Very Many wishes for a happy New year

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* May the year 2005 give you –
* Independence of GNU
* Power of Hurd
* Popularity of Apache
* Extensibility of Firefox
* Luxury of .GNU
* Efficiency of Python
* Ease of Gambas
* Robustness of SQL
* Vision of OpenOffice
* Simplicity of HTML
* Style of Linspire
* Dexterity of Gimp
* Enormity of Blender
* Vastness of Internet
* Compactness of JPG
* Richness of PNG
* Coverage as Novell
* Reach of Redhat
* Choice of Gentoo

Happy New year to all. We are all geared up for an active new year full of activities from cultural to technical. As for NSS we plan many activities like campaign against use of plastic and popularisation of alternatives like paper bags. We plan a cultural festival called Garland. All volunteers in our college are in good spirits after a wonderful and memorable special camp of 10 days. We, glugc (GNU/Linux users group Calicut) have planned a FLOSS (Free/Libre nad Open Source Software) technologies conference in our campus. Today we met our teacher
Suresh Kumar
and had a live discussion on FLOSS and other related topics. What inspired me to update today was Dilpu’s Blog. I hope to continue updating it in the coming year.
New year wishes for all.
Signing off now
[Updates] :
1. Garland A meeting point of cultures across the nation
2. Busy with FLOSS meet
3. Wonderful wheather ! FLOSS Meet a grand success
4. Suresh Kumar sir says he is convinced about the need of FOSS and its importance


I’m alive!

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Hello I am back after a delay of some months I am updating my blog. I hope I will update it frequently. The reason for this delay was placements. It had a happy end with me got placed in HP GDIC (Hewlett – Packard Global Delivery India center, formerly Digital global soft). Now one more year left in college (I hope so, I don’t want to go to higher studies unless it is something to do with computers). Now I missed lot of classes and its time for our second sessionals and I hope to give a better fight this time. NSS activities are also quite fine. All are geared up for the special camp which come after the main exams, that will be end of November. Bye for now.

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