Another day at Rauf’s home

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5th of June
Read this and comeback here.

The day started when mom woke me up at 4 ‘O’ clock. I had to be ready by 5 so that I can go to Kadampuzha temple with my cousine. I prepared tea and had break fast with beaten rice (Avil) and banana chips. But there was a misunderstanding as I didn’t turn up the day before and he thought I was not going with him ! So he didn’t stop for me and it was disappointing to wake up at 4’O clock during vacation and for nothing 🙁 Anyway I had ‘Lord of the rings’ to read again at an unexpected time. (I always read books at these irregular hours like once I ventured to read Harry Poter 5 during my sessional exams during 5th semester, a night-out to read ‘Five point someone- what not to do in IITs’, ‘Dance Dance’ (Complete novel – highly recommended ! but you may find something not fiting into the scheme — because it is a sequel) of Haruki Murakami when everyone in the campus was deep in RS agarwal and Sakunthala Devi for campus placement preparations, ‘Sea Leopard’ during s8 exams and ‘Da Vinci code’ within a week before the s8 exams, to point out some 🙂 ) Read the rest of this entry »


You Too, Severus

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Et tu, Severe

After reading
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I was discussing the possibilities now with VR after Dumbledore’s death. It seems really imposible to beat Voledmort now after losing Dumbledore and Snape going to the Dark side. The only one in the order after Dumbledore who could possibly stand up against You-know-who was Snape (Even Dumbledore counted on Snape when he was coming back from the Cave. Now who can we count on in the order to look face to face with Voldemort. Well now the only hope is R.A.B, but we are yet to know who this guy is or what are his credentials.

VR read the book before me and was very enthusiastic before he read the climax but after he climax he was abusing Rowling. The same case was with me also. I was reading it the whole weekend at home with high interrest but when I came back to Bangalore are read the climax I was very disappointed (but not as disappointed as VR because I was prepared to face something very bad after VR’s reaction to it)

So now let us wait for the last book of the series and see what Rowling has got.

Update: Wikipedia gives more about the possibility of R.A.B. It says Regulus Black, Sirus’s brother is a likely to be R.A.B.

Regulus was a Death Eater who tried to disassociate himself from Voldemort. He was killed by Voldemort or on Voldemort’s orders. The note left by R.A.B. addresses Voldemort as “The Dark Lord”, and Death Eaters are the only group who customarily refer to him thus. Regulus’ second initial is unknown. However, he had a rich uncle whose first name was Alphard.


Project Killing (time) — and lots of Partition hacks

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Noted on 19 May 2005

I’ve been able to engage myself in ‘something or other’ for the last 3 weeks since I left NITC, like
IT@School training,
Movies (Akkareyakkare Akkare, Ninathen vanthai),
Reading [K.L. Mohanavarma’s ‘Settlement’, News papers — almost complete!! ]
or ‘Bakar’ (Kathi) with sabeel (he left for exams on 14th).
Update: He is placed in HCL Infosystems through Campus Recruitment
I went to rauf’s home to demeonstrate GNU/Lnux as Sabeel got really exited as I kept on telling him about my hacks. Well, it seems his interest has gone as he saw it as a simple thing !!! [It was Suse 9.3 Professional and I could not go into much of the commands and configuration files and options ]. To some it is interesting when it is not common or not challenging. Read the rest of this entry »


Back again …

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After a long vacation of two months I am back in the college again. It was very boring in the middle when I read all interesting novels and Euro cup didn’t start. After the Euro cup’s kick off I have been up all night and ‘down’ all day ! The Euro cup turned out to be very interesting with all friends turn up to watch the match together. Read many interesting novels in the mean time. Also some were very dull. I’ll discuss some of the books later. some of them are ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘Cry of the Halidon’ by Robert Ludlum, ‘Case of the careless cupid’ by Earle Stanely Gardner [the creator of the famous criminal lawyer Perry Mason], ‘The man in the Iron Mask’ by alexander Dumas, ‘The Wind in the willows’ by Kenneth Graham ……

Within two days of coming here I saw two movies ‘Lakshya’ a Hindi film starring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta also the first installment of Matrix trilogy, ‘The Matrix’. I was not interested in that movie when everyone went to see that. But after hearing the story I wanted badly to see that. Now I’ll see the remaining parts soon.

Gotta go now

Its Placement time and everyone is anxious about a job.