Kerala Assembly elections 2016 and my candidature

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I will be contesting upcoming Kerala Assembly elections from Thiruvananthapuram constituency.



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I was not involved in active politics in school or college even though I come from a family of left background. My father is active in CPI(M). That spirit go back to his uncle (Panku Kuttiachan) and now continued by my cousins. My entry into activism started when I was studying at NIT Calicut with Free Software. Then with influence from my good friend Anivar Aravind and working with Lokayat in Pune, I slowly started taking interest in social issues. When Anna Hazare movement was in its peak, I realized people will come out in support if you are genuine. This understanding was reinforced when AAP came to power in Delhi. But I felt the focus on corruption is too shallow and we have to go much deeper to fix the root cause of why so many people are unhappy with the current system.

From experience of many groups, I have realized focus on discipline usually translate to suppressing dissent and focusing of power in a few hands. So any organization I start has to have dissent as the core value. When we started Pirate Party of India and Sarbajit came and criticized us, there was pressure to ban him. But I knew there is no point in keeping an organization after compromising its core value. So we let Pirate Party die as we did not have to strength to withstand the criticism.

But the spirit of making change was not died and we started Pirate Movement of India. It also gave us room to relax and Pirate Party name meant pressure to register as a party and enter electoral politics. There was no trust among the members as we were just an online group. We campaigned on cycle across Kerala to promote Pirate Ideas under Pirate Movement banner.

We were on Kairali channel and many news papers covered the campaign.

Then we could not sustain that either, Indian Pirates came as the third attempt. We campaigned for privacy under Diaspora Yatra along with many other organizations. Now its time to reach out to even wider public and share our ideas, learn from their experience and expand our collective.

We just launched a crowd funding campaign to raise money for the elections expense. (Update: We have shut down the Indiegogo campaign because FCRA prohibits receiving money from foreign sources. You can contribute directly at https://www.instamojo.com/@piratepraveen) Contribute and share it in your circles.

Before I close, I’ll share about my education and work experience as well. Mine was the last Pre-Degree batch and my college was MES college Mannarkkad. I completed Btech at NIT Calicut and worked in companies like HP, Red Hat and in places like Bengaluru, Pune, Cupertino, Seattle, Chicago… I realized spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week strengthening the system and then trying to change the exact same system in spare time can’t really succeed. But at the same time we cannot completely avoid working jobs. So I chose to be a Free Software consultant, I have flexibility in my work hours and I can always prioritize what is important for me. I hope more of us will understand this and we can create more worker owned and worker managed companies so the 8 hours/5 days can also be used to drive change.

The dream is a just society where luck will not be the deciding factor how well we do in our lives. Indian Pirates is small and an experiment, but if you believe in this vision, you can join us and together we can walk towards that dream.


What do you think about this ? (Google scanning your inbox)

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Aashik asked me this question today pointing me to this article on The Verge – Google scans everyone’s email for child porn, and it just got a man arreste

This was my response, (attachment mentioned in the mail is given below)

censorship and free speech

The attached drawing illustrates the situation well. There is always bad guys as a justification of taking away our rights. It changes depending on place and time. When you take examples of bad guys, people stop thinking and emotion takes its place, once you are controlled by emotion, usually fear, you would accept anything that comes in the name of protection. These are nothing new, it is successfully used over the years, only details vary. Old wine in new bottle.

It is only cultural who is bad. Once being a communist was enough to torture you. Another time it was just being a Jew. Now living in Gaza is enough to get you killed.

You’ll need to blindly trust google not to misuse their powers. I don’t think that is a good thing.

When US made a nuclear bomb, no one thought it would be dropped on humans.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Now it is only child porn, when conditions are favourable, it can be terrorism, any crime, dissent… You cannot expect a profit making company to stand up for your rights. They may do it as long as it is profitable for them.

So in short, it does not make me satisfied it is just child porn.


Microsoft Tax Refund

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Last Sunday evening marked starting of an important campaign when a casual search for a good laptop for a friend turned into tussle with HP for a refund of unused software bundled with their hardware.

Ishan about to make a phone call

Most laptop vendors ship their hardware with a version of Microsoft Windows preinstalled. Microsoft says we can get a refund for the windows version if we don’t want to use their software (we cannot use it unless we agree to their end user license agreement or eula and their eula denies many rights that we in the Free Software community hold dear).

So we sent this email to HP support asking for a refund.


I just brought a new hp pavilion 15 Notebook PC (model number: 15-n259TX) with serial no: 5CDxxxxxx7 and product no: G2H01PA#ACJ. It came pre-loaded with Windows 8 but I don’t agree with the End User License Agreement. There was no option provided without any operating system or with a Free Software Operating System for this model at the HP world shop in Kandivali West (Amgee Computers PVT. LTD).

Microsoft EULA (http://download.microsoft.com/Documents/UseTerms/Windows_8_English_ca383862-45cf-467e-97d3-386e0e0260a6.pdf) states that I can get a refund for the unused license by contacting the manufacturer.

It states “If you do not accept and comply with these terms, you may not use
the software or features. Instead, you should return it to the retailer or other place where you purchased the software license, for a refund or credit.”

How do I collect the refund money?


We immediately formatted the machine and installed Ubuntu 14.04 on the machine.
Format entire disk

We called them up the next day and registered an official complaint with HP but they refused to give a refund. When they said they offer other models with Free Dos installed Ishan gave a brilliant analogy. If you go to buy a shirt and you like a Yellow shirt, they tell you have to buy a pants along with it, but you can buy a black shirt without pants, would that be acceptable to you?

HP says they will offer only a refund of the entire product (hardware and software) and not a partial Windows only refund. In France and Italy there is already rulings that forced HP and Acer to refund the Windows license fee. Indian courts have ruled set-top boxes allowing only one particular service provider are illegal.

Prasanth Sugathan from Software Freedom Law Center India has promised to send a legal notice to HP within 2 days.

This is going to be a landmark struggle for Free Software in India.

If you have recently bought a laptop or planning to buy a new laptop, contact us and we can fight this together.

Update 1 (25/06/2014): HP has closed the case without a resolution. Prasanth needs a copy of the invoice to go ahead, we’ll send it by tonight.

Update 2 (25/06/2014): There is a good discussion about this issue on reddit.

The relevant law which HP violates is Competition Act 2002.

“Any agreement amongst enterprises or persons at different stages or levels of
the production chain in different markets, in respect of production, supply,
distribution, storage, sale or price of, or trade in goods or provision of services,
(a) tie-in arrangement;

shall be an agreement in contravention of sub-section ( 1 ) if such agreement
causes or is likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on competition in
Explanation.—For the purposes of this sub-section,—
(a) “tie-in arrangement” includes any agreement requiring a purchaser of
goods, as a condition of such purchase, to purchase some other goods; ”

Update 3 (25/06/2014): There is precedent in Europe where companies are ordered a refund.

  1. HP must reimburse Italian PC buyer the amount paid for Microsoft software
  2. Lenovo ordered to pay €1920 for making French laptop buyer pay for Windows too

Update 4 (25/06/2014): Acer America has policy of giving refund on unused Windows license.

Update 5 (26/06/2014): Prasanth would need 2-3 days more to complete research on this topic.

Update 6 (11/09/2014): Prasanth has sent the legal notice to HP. This case is covered by Economic Times now. You can get a copy of the notice from mediacru.sh. (MediaCrush is Free Software media sharing platform). Mediacrush is shutdown, but archive.org has a copy.

Update 7 (13/09/2014): This is a fresh development, Italy: High Court shoots down Windows tax


Everyday rape

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I took a while to mark a first reaction to the gang rape of 23 year old paramedical student in Delhi. I watched people screaming for death penalty and the sudden indignation and outrage people felt. First post I shared was Akshi Singh’s post in Sify titled “We are all part of the rape culture“. What amused me is how easily people jump up to taste blood of someone without realising their part in creating and sustaining the rape culture.

Everyday people are exploited, humiliated and violated and they had to wait till they saw the height of this rape culture to wake up. It would have been okay for many if it weren’t this brutal and right in the middle of the city. If you are outraged at least now of the injustice happening around us and want to see this culture end, I have a suggestion and that is not blood of these animals as sacrifice to quench the thirst of revenge, but it included every one, including you and me. Repeat after me.

If you are a male, “I will treat every women with respect and I will not let them be treated like an object or anything less than how I want to be treated”

If you are female, “I will not accept any one treating me anything less than equal and I will fight till every woman can live in respect”.

Take this pledge with me and take this to everyone you know. It is not an easy solution as it means we have to change our ways and not just scream for blood, but it is the only lasting solution I see.

Now this is not a short cut, but an intent of where we should go, ie, not a blood thirsty society but a civilized one.

Another interesting post series was by Vivek Kaul in First Post “Why women would continue to be raped in India” part 1 and part 2.



Collecting people, some thoughts and ideas

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I would like to share some ideas and thoughts about collecting people for social change based on my recent experiences in setting up a computing center in Pandav Nagar Pune. You can see details of each step here.

  1. Don’t restrict yourself to what you currently can. Aim bigger and then you’d see it natural to ask people for help because you can’t do it alone.
  2. Have a minimal backup plan which you can do if you don’t get much help. Things you cannot do should not stop you from doing things you can.
  3. These two may look conflicting ideas at first but they are not. You might already know about the high jump analogy people say – set your bars higher. Sometimes you won’t be able to cross it if its too high, but unless you don’t set it high, you’ll never reach new heights.

  4. Don’t be afraid of the challenges. There will be many, but if you don’t even try, you’ll never overcome those.
  5. When your actions affect others, be open to them. If you’re genuine they would understand.
  6. In this particular initiative there was always a risk that I won’t be able to find enough people to help me. So my backup plan was, I would teach alone if I don’t find people. I actually reached that stage once when no one was ready to commit after many talks. But I was pleasently surpriced and overjoyed when I saw a surge of interest from the Free Software community it Pune. It was really heart warming when you had a new person telling me they are interested every day for almost 2 weeks! We have about 14 people in the team and last Saturday 7 of us went to Hutatma Rajaguru school for our first class and installation session.

  7. You have to ask for help. If you don’t ask people won’t know they can help. Many of the times if you can ask for a specific help, it more likely that it would be done. Make it easier for people to understand and break down the big tasks.
  8. So when I was talking about a computing center people have many things in their minds and they may not understand what it is. But when I broke it down to “GNU/Linux installation in a school”, many people felt they could do it and said they want to help.

I will keep updating this blog as I learn more or get more ideas. Share your thoughts in comments. I would like to hear what you think and your experiences doing similar activities.


Defend your rights NOW!

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Aseem Trivedi is in jail fighting for our rights. It is now our responsibility to stand up for him and join this fight to defend our freedoms. He is being silneced because he spoke against the government for the people, for you and me. Our people have fought hard for years to secure our freedoms from British. Now the same freedoms are being taken away from us, by a few of our own people in power. It is now on us how we respond to this. Are you ready to join this fight to protect our freedoms?

I was fortunate to be with him when he was arrested and I met him when he was in police custody. I’m moved by his courage and don’t want to let his personal sacrifice for us, for you and me, to go waste. I need your help, comment here if you can help out any way. Its even better if you organize yourself. I’m sharing Aseem’s note here, which I was fortunate to have personally witnessed. His friend Alok Dixit, Mayank Gandhi from IAC and his lawyer Vijay Hiremat were also present.

This is the letter written by Aseem when he was in the police lock-up at Bandra Police Station in Mumbai.

साथियो, मैं इस देश का एक सच्‍चा नागरिक हूं। कोई देशद्रोही नहीं हूं।

साथियो, अगर सच बोलना देशद्रोह है तो मैं देशद्रोही हूं। हां, मैं देशद्रोही हूं अगर देशप्रेम और देशद्रोह की परिभाषाएं बदल चुकी हैं। मैं भी देशद्रोही हूं अगर गांधी, भगत सिंह और आजाद देशद्रोही थे। दोस्‍तो, मेरा मकसद देश का एक छोटा बच्‍चा भी समझ सकता है। मैं अपने देश के नागरिकों और संविधान के अपमान का विरोध करता हूं और अपने कार्टूनों के माध्‍यम से मैं देश के प्रतीकों और संविधान के अपमान का विरोध करता आया हूं। दोस्‍तो, कला और साहित्‍य समाज का दर्पण है और मैंने अपने कार्टून्‍स में वही दिखाया है, जो अपने चारों ओर देखा है।

दोस्‍तो, भारत माता कोई और नहीं बल्कि हम और आप जैसे भारत के 125 करोड़ नागरिक ही हैं। और हमारा अपमान भारत मां का अपमान है।

मेरी पूर्ण आस्‍था भारतीय संविधान और संविधान निर्माता डॉ अंबेडकर के साथ है। इसलिए संविधान का अपमान होता देख मुझे कष्‍ट होता है। और मैं अपने कार्टून्‍स के जरिये इसे रोकना चाहता हूं।

मैं गांधी के रास्‍ते पर चल रहा हूं और स्‍वयं को कष्‍ट देकर देश की सेवा करना चाहता हूं। मेरे जेल में होने से परेशान न हों। अन्‍ना जी कहते हैं कि देश के लिए जेल जाना तो हमारा भूषण है। इसलिए मैं जमानत नहीं मांग रहा। क्‍योंकि मैंने जो किया, उस पर मुझे गर्व है और मैं बार-बार करूंगा। मैं कोई अपराधी नहीं हूं कि पैसे जमा कर के जमानत लूं। जब तक देशद्रोह जैसा तानाशाही और ब्रिटिश राज का ये कानून नहीं हटाया जाएगा, मैं जेल में रह कर ही 124 (A) और सेंसरशिप के खिलाफ लड़ाई लड़ता रहूंगा।

असीम त्रिवेदी
बांद्रा पुलिस लॉक अप, 2:10 PM, 10.09.2012

This is the text of a statement issued by ASEEM TRIVEDI from inside a jail in Mumbai. Trivedi has been remanded to judicial custody till 24 September for displaying and publishing cartoons that are allegedly seditious, insult national honour and, under the IT Act, are “grossly offensive” and of “menacing character”.

Translation by Shivam Vij


I am a faithful citizen of this country, not someone who has committed sedition.

If speaking the truth is sedition, then I have indeed committed sedition. If raising one’s voice against injustice is sedition, then I have committed sedition. If nationalism and the definition of nationalism have changed, then you could say I have committed sedition. If Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and Azad were seditious so am I.

Even a small child of this country can understand my motive. I oppose the insulting of the people and the Constitution of India. I have been opposing the insulting of the people and the Constitution of India through my cartoons.

Art and literature are a mirror to society. I have only depicted in my cartoons what I have seen all around me. Mother India is nobody but 1.25 billion citizens of India, people like you and me. When we the people are insulted, India is insulted.

I have nothing but respect for the Constitution of India and its key drafter, Dr Ambedkar. I am pained when I see the Constitution insulted. Through my cartoons I seek to prevent exactly such affront.

I am walking in the footsteps of Gandhi and I want to serve the nation through my own suffering. Do not be disturbed by my going to jail. Anna Hazare ji says that going to jail for the country is like wearing a jewel. That is why I am not asking for bail. I am proud of what I have done. I will say this again and again. I am not a criminal that I will deposit some money to get bail. Until such time as sedition, an authoritarian British Raj law, is not repealed, I shall remain in jail. I will fight against Indian Penal Code Section 124A (sedition) and against censorship from within jail.


Aseem Trivedi
Bandra Police Lock-up,
10 September 2012, 2:12 PM


Little bit playful!

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Rishma Damodar

Hearing about the life of Kani, daughter of social activist Maithreyan and Dr AK Jayashri is wonderful…

Kani Kusruthi‘I call my dad Maithreyan only. And my mother Jayashrichechi (chechi is elder sister in Malayalam). They are not legally married. Rather, I call Jayashri chechi’s father and mother as dad and mom. I lived with them till I was 15. In a very conservative atmosphere. Maithrayen and chechi lived two houses far.” Kani remembers it with a smile in her small house.

This daughter is also in a different path as her parents. Started acting in plays since 15. Kani acted in movies when she felt it was not enough to live.

”There is only one thing Maithreyan and Chechi told me, don’t respond if you are asked about caste or religion. None of the school certificates have my caste or religion.”

Your father and mother seems different?…

Certainly. They have given me all the freedoms. In our country when a girl has to ask so many people for permissions even when choosing a frock. I’m not saying that is bad. But, there won’t be a place for that girls wishes.

But, it is not like that in my case. Even if I feel like smoking a cigarette, I don’t have to ask anyone. That doesn’t mean I believe smoking cigarette is a bad thing. But even that wishes I don’t have to let go.

Maithreyan and Chechi will tell about its bad effects. but, they never push their decisions on me. I’m not saying there is no difference of opinions. We criticize each other and get angry. But, only for a small time. If I feel like doing something, they only say ‘do it if you like’. But, suppose I do something on my own. If there is a problem in that, they won’t move aside saying, ‘you decided it, you deal with it’. They will be with me.

Are you also opposed to marriage like them?

I have not decided anything now. My dad and mom won’t say ‘you are this old, why don’t you get married’. They will say live with anyone you like. It is my choice.

How did you get into acting in plays?

I used to participate in Sanskrit festival in school. I used to act Kavalam Narayanappaniker’s plays.

Even before that, feminist movement in Thiruvananthapuram ‘Sakhi’ organized many street plays. When mom and dad goes for that, I used to go with them. I was studying in 5th then. I did not have any reluctance to act like this, then.

I learned about requirement of a girl actor in ‘Abhinaya’ theater research center of Thiruvananthapuram when I was in 10th.

By then I had a feeling that play is good. Then, as I grew up, I became very body conscious. I was not in a state to decide anything. After seeing my state, Jayashri Chechi said, ‘you just go and check there. Don’t act if you don’t like. I started liking plays when I reached ‘Abhinaya’. I thought I can make a it my profession.

At last, I went to study in Thrissur school of drama. I acted in one or two plays. it was then that play director Abhilash Pillai came to take ‘Khasakinte Ithihasam’ (History of Khasak). He told me about ‘International school of Jacques Lecoq‘. So I joined a one year course.

Kani Kusruthi with familyI learned more about acting when I went to France. Perspective about life also changed a lot. I only wanted everyone to talk good about me. I even moved aside even small things I wanted to do. But life in France changed all that.

Here we do even things we like secretly saying it is against culture. A small example. I go to a public space. Boys can drink there openly. But if any girls drink at all? It will be a big problem. Earlier I used to give up even if I wished to do it.

But, after that I occasionally drank as part of socializing. But, I don’t drink now. I don’t like its taste, that’s the reason. I don’t think there is anything bad in drinking.

In short you became a rebel after coming back from France?

I don’t think living as one wish is rebelling.

There was a letter from Maithreyan, recently. It read like this, ‘you also have a right to smoke and drink like anyone. Smoking cigarette is comparatively bad. Because, it affects others too. There is nothing wrong in drinking socially. But please don’t drink like it is bad in secret.

I don’t compromise on things I like. I am careful to create a space for that always. Suppose when I travel at night and someone try to grab me. I will try not to provoke him by saying ‘I don’t like anyone touching me’. There were many experiences like that. When traveling at night, one or two men come to me and ask ‘where are you going this night?’. I say something like ‘Aiyyo, sorry brother, I came here by mistake’ and leave.

When you decided to try a hand at movies?

When I was back from France, Shankar Ramakrishnan asked me to act in Island Express in ‘Kerala Cafe’. After that I did ‘Cocktail’. It was the role of a prostitute. Then, Naxal girl in ‘Shikar’ (Prey), then small roles in ‘Karmayogi’ and ‘Urumi’.

Do anyone come with you in film-play sites?

I go alone wherever it is. I didn’t feel girls are not safe be it in play or films. So, if someone likes me physically. When I say I’m not interested, I have seen only people who say ‘ok’ and leave, in both fields. Nobody behaved badly with me.

Name also seems different like the person?

Maithreyan and Chechi named me Kani. When I was enrolled in school, Principal asked, ‘What is her initials?’, so Chechi added an initial just like that, ‘Kani K’. When I reached 10th, teacher asked me, ‘I need expansion of your name.’ When I came home and narrated this, Maithreyan and Chechi told me ‘you pick anything you like.’ So I chose ‘Kani Kusruthi’. (Kusruthi means playful in Malayalam). My passport and all has that name.

Future endeavors?

There is a famous theatre group. Footsbarn. I’m with footsbarn for 2 years. Go inside and outside India with play acting. That is my plan.

Originally appeared in Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi


SOPA and PIPA are not Dead.

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Some of you are probably pretty happy around now. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Yay, we’ve defeated SOPA and PIPA! Yay, victory us!!!”

Actually, you’ve lost. You’ve lost this war, because you… along with everyone else in this half-decayed republic of ours, allow a specific hot button issue to cloud your judgement and allow public sentiment to be unanimous concerning one specific topic.


You may be wondering what the hell Pedophiles have to do with Internet Censorship. The answer is; Everything. You cannot win, you are going to lose your internet freedom. You will be monitored, you will be followed and every act and idea you commit to the web will be logged and archived in the halls of Government.

All because you’re afraid of Pedophiles. If you aren’t, then maybe I am using the Royal “YOU” to comment on the public at large; the ignorant Baby Boomers who don’t understand the interwebs, the vacuous youth who haven’t learned the hard way that real opinions don’t make you many friends and often alienate you.

The sort of “YOU” that cannot argue that Pedophiles, just like Homosexuals, have a right to Exist.

It’s that “YOU” that is responsible for the death of the internet.

“But Wait, Heretic,” You might say. “The Net isn’t DEAD yet, we beat SOPA! We Beat PIPA!”

Wrong. You’ve insured your defeat. Consider the following;


No no. Follow the link. Copy-pasta if you must. You read it. You understand it… and realize that it is from the same corporate schill that propose SOPA and PIPA.

“What is this thing?” You might ask. Well if you’re part of the vast illiterati, I’ll explain you the thing (Bad grammar intentional).

H.R. 1981 is titled “The Protect Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011”.

It is a bill that requires the following; Your real, legal I.D. name, personal home address, IP address, browsing history, search terms you’ve searched and the complete details of your online habits are to be made trackable and must be logged by all ISP’s.

“Wait a second!” You might argue, “That has nothing to do with Children!”

At this point in the discussion is where I typically chime in with; I told you so.

For the last twelve years of my life, I’ve been arguing rationality in the face of rampant, frothing at the mouth hatred concerning Pedophiles and the various scaremongering news articles that are propogated and proliferated across the news media services and sites.

I recognized that this one topic, out of any topic, is where people lose any sense of proportion or reason; people cease thinking or functioning when a discussion starts involving, “People that diddle children”. Or people that might, hypothetically, because of pornography they look at, decide to diddle children.

“That’s monstrous, Heretic,” You might say. “Why would you defend people such as this?”

The answer is I am defending you. I am defending humanity, because if you allow a portion of humanity to become classified as sub-human, you allow the Government to abuse that concept for it’s own gain.

I am defending Pedophiles as human beings, because if I don’t, someone will be next. And then another. Who would it be? The Furries? People into BDSM? Japanese Hentai fans with their schoolgirl fetishes?

It turns out, no. They didn’t just move on to other fetishists and people with peculiar or abnormal paraphilias. They skipped them and decided to bilk the public.

Oh, fat surprise.

This bill will pass. It will pass because nobody in the Congress or House will vote against it. They won’t vote against it because it’s to protect children from Pedophiles.

And there you have it, folks. Because Pedophiles are universally reviled by society, you have your reason that all of your freedom gets to be stripped away.

Not because you are guilty, and it certainly isn’t because you might have child pornography on your computer.

H.R. 1981 isn’t for pornography, it’s the mechanism of control. It is the perfect tool to combat piracy, to punish the public and to create… as some writers would term it… Total Criminality.

You’re a criminal because you’re on the internet.

Who is to blame for this? You are. You are because you didn’t defend the most reviled people in society, did not argue for their rights, did not protect them from having their human rights stripped away.

You can blame yourself for the death of the Internet, because you never put yourself on the line to take the stand nobody else would take.

But I’m sure it’s fine. I’m sure you’re okay with this, because after all, some of you MIGHT be pedophiles.

So when your children ask you when the internet died, you can look them straight in the eyes and tell them it was murdered by everyone who couldn’t stand to think of Pedophiles existing on earth, and how the very idea of such a thing was enough for us to hand our betrayers the keys to the house.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t okay with this bill… I encourage you to fight against it. I say this while laughing, because good fucking luck; the entirety of the U.S. super-ego will crush you into a fine powder rather than hear anyone object to a bill protecting kids from Pedophiles.

Oh, and if you do want to fight the destruction of the internet, why don’t you share this with everyone you know. Print it and give it to your mum, pass it out to the elderly and the infirm, read it to your teenage children, make people understand.

Though I don’t have much hope of THAT happening.

This has been your Heresy of the Day.

Note: Repost of a diaspora update by The Heretic Of Ethics


ओकुपै वालस्ट्रीट आन्दोलन में हमारी भूमिका क्या है?

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अमेरिका में न्यूयोर्क शहर में दो महीनों से चलने वाली ओकुपै वालस्ट्रीट आन्दोलन के बारे में सब सुना ही होगा। अब वह न्यूयोर्क के बाहर अमेरिकी शहरों में ही नही पूरी दुनिया में फैली है। अमेरिकी समाज में आज हम को बहुत खैर बराबरी दिखाइ देगा, बहुत सारे लोगोंको अपना घर और नैकरी आज नहीं है, बहुत युवा लोग अपनी शिक्षा के लिए जो खर्चा लिया वो वापस कर नहि पा रहा है, उनको अच्छी नैकरी की प्रतीक्षा भी नहीं है। यह सभी लोग यह अन्याय व्यवस्था खतम करके एक न्याय समाज लाने के लिए आज रस्ते पर आयें है। यह लोग आज पूरे दुनिया के लिए – हम सब के लिए लड रहें है। जो लोग आज एक न्याय समाज और सच्ची लोकशाही का सपना देखते है, उन सबको आज इसमें शामिल होना है और उनकी आवाजको हमारे समाज में पहूँचाना जरूरि है, क्योंकि ये हमारी ही लडाई है। हम भी इधर एक नया समाज बनाने की कोशिश शुरू करेंगे। हम यह लडाई जीत सकेंगे की नहीं ये मुझे पता नही, एक बात तो पक्कि है, हम कोशिश ही नहिं करेंगें तो बदलाव नहीं होने वाला है। कम से कम ये मुद्धे हम सबकी बातचीत और सोच में ला सकते है। जब और लोगोने इसपर सोचना शुरू किया तो शायद कुछ जवाब मिल सकता है। पूरे दुनिया में आज बदलाव के लिए लोग अपने घर और ओफीस के बाहर आकर रस्ते पर आ चुका है, और सबके मन में बदलाव की आशा मजबूत है, आज हमारे सामने यह एक ऐतिहासिक मोका है, हमको इसका पूरा फायदा उठाना है। आप भी हमारे साथ इसमें जुडें।

अधिक जानकारि के लिए http://piratepad.net/18octpune देखे।

PS: Thanks to Sandeep for spelling and grammar help!



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Look at me walking to the gallows:

In ten minutes, my dreamles head

will be severed from my desireless body.


I have listened to my victim’s blood

scream for my love.

I have longed to kneel

to his family and friends,

longed to weep hugging

the mango trees on his courtyard,

to roll in that sand and ask for

mother earth’s pardon


Then I would return to

the half-eaten fruit and

the half-sung song,

to the half-built house

and the half-read book,

to the half- loved love and

the half- lived life.

I would cross the river

to be at the festival in the temple,

cross the hill to be

at the church for Christmas.

I would board the crowded bus

to go to town and tell my friends,

‘Look, I have come.’


I had longed to see my daughter

grow up into a free woman,

my son into a man who can weep.


I had more dreams than memories

like a flame-of-the-forest in summer

with more flowers than leaves.


I am no Sheharazade who can

postpone death telling tales.

The tree of tales has shed its leaves

To become  this gnarled tree of death.


They asked me if I had a last wish.

I didn’t tell them I wanted to be

a hare, its ears aloft on the meadow,

a squirrel talking from the jackfruit  tree,

a bird held on a rainbow,the river

of posterity and the spring wind.


The sweet they offered me was bitter , like death,

a bitterness with a cat’s eyes

that will survive the gallows.


Tell me law -givers,

tell me, judges of men,

don’t you regret this sentence

that renders even regret redundant?

What is the distance

from the hot logic of homicide

to the cold logic of hanging?


I leave the questions on the ever green earth

and  go along this worn passage

weary  with the blood

of the guity and the guiltless,

of murderers and martyrs.

Let none have to tread this path tomorrow.

Let there be



( Translated from the Malayalam by the poet )

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