Harnessed the planet

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Hi I have installed and configured planet ! Now I have created two planets TricalZone and NITC. It was inspired by FOSS.IN Planet. For those who don’t know what a planet is: A planet is an agregation of feeds (rss,atom..) where you get to read blogs of related people. For Example www.planet.debian.org will have blogs of all debian developers ans www.planet.maemo.org will have all Maemo developers blogs. NITC Planet contains the blogs of all related to NIT Calicut. I have set up the planets manually, now I’ve to think how to automate the process by using ‘at’ or ‘cron’ daemons.


The last hours as an NITCian

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These are my last moments in NITC. These three days I have been running from here to there in and near the campus. We had to clear all the dues and get no liability certificate from each hostel and other facilities provided by the college. And also I had to run to get my diary filled by my friends and CDs to be burned.

My lab was over by 21 [I was first day first bacth and first student. They started the lab from roll number 39!!!]. I relaxed till 25 which I spent on movies [Eurotrip], bakar… I started the long run on 25 morning [That’s noon:-)]. First thing I did was to get NLC [No liabilities certificate] from our Main Computer Center. I have an imotional attachment to it, since it have become an integral part of my life in the last 4 years I spent here. Hardly a spent without coming to CC and the last year I enjoyed my privilege as the administrator. I enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly. I got a chance to download lot of distros and install and try it. I could learn lotta new things and got familiarised with networking and unix stuff. Read the rest of this entry »


Gnome 2.10, KDE 3.4, Ubuntu hoary, Open Office 2.0, Suse 9.3, Mepis 3.3 ……

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Gnome Two, Ten

I’m back to blogsphere after a long break. There has been lotta things going on here in NITC. There was a class trip to Kodaikanal (it is in my draft and hope’ll be able to see it once I get the photos), NSS farewell, treat, Trical treats, lotta new distros …….. Read the rest of this entry »


Kodai Moments

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This weekend the tricalzone enjoyed their time at Kodaikkanal. It was a beautiful trip with lot of fun. We had boating, cycling, trekking, dancing … The 54 hour trip was a wonderful experience and it will remain in the memory for ever. We left the college on Friday evening (9pm) and we travelled the entire night and reached Kodai by Saturady morning 6am. After refreshment and breakfast we went to see the pillar rock. Since it was fully covered with fog, we couldn’t see the rock (We saw it when we came back to the same place for our trekking in the pine forest).
(terribly incomplete…)

See Dilpu’s Blog entry for the Kodai Trip


My experiments with …

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Yesterday I protested in a novel way, I think nobody would have done and my friends (even myself) has different opinions and responses about it. Yesterday I managed to wake up by 7 O’clock [ A rare thing 🙂 ] and had a discussion with Prakash Peter on the way to PG mess about conducting a demo of phoenix in our Institution with Physics Department [Prakash Peter is lab assistant in Physics lab and he came to meet KSK to arrange for some programme for NSS. Previously we had gone to old age home together.] Read the rest of this entry »


Economics Seminar ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’ or a very eventful day

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Today I presented a seminar in Economics. Our group [Praveens — me, Praveen Kumar, Praveen Kumar VR and Praveen sebastian] got the topic ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’. I was supposed to take it on last Friday but I got it postponed to taday [It was an adjustment with Dhanya mam and Praveen Kumar to attend the renaissance 2005 at GECT Read my blog entry]. Yesterday was completely blank except the preparation for the seminar [I was browsing till 5 in the morning day before that — after a break of a week — and woke up by 12 noon (I missed Dilpu‘s Seminar in Industrial Drives too). After ‘brunch’ I was caught by the Gnome Mines — I used to complete the large board with 99 mines regularly, when I feel like relaxing — in fact you get tensed when you can’t complete it — I had to wait till 6 O’clock to complete one board — I was too disturbed, not able to concentrate — also it needs luck too lost many times in the nineties too, even 98 !]. I read about my topic share ‘Arguments in favour of protection’. I refered books by Dewet and Samuelson. Then I went to meet Tojin with a goal to discuss the topic, but we discussed many things from economics, environment, pollution, automobiles, department, college …. Shanker and Arun MS was also there. In the afternoon we saw a fierce debate between Karthik and Arun Titto on Motherjane Rock band, they performed at Ragam 2005. Tojin, me and VIP were spectators. It was very interesting to watch them fighting. Both trying to say their arguments are strong. [It was triggered when Titto told Motherjane is a local band and it cannot be compared with any rock band. Karthik asserted that they are a good band and they showed their mettle in the great Indian rock concert by winning it and their numbers are played in 14 radio stations in the US ] Read the rest of this entry »


Suresh Kumar sir says he is convinced about the need of FOSS and its importance

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Today I woke by around 10 and attented ANN hour (Infact me and ksp[Kiran S Pillai] was first to reach the class, we used to keep same timings for class and sleep 🙂 Now he has two bunks more than me 😉 he is at 23 and I’m just behind him by 21 but VR is way ahead with 34, but he was out of station for some days me and KSP were here all the days and manged this figure.

After the class me and KSK[Kiren SK] went to meet Jaikumar sir to discuss NSS programmes. He went to meet project guide and I went with Shankar, Tojin and MS to meet Suresh Kumar Sir [He is the best teacher our department has got and arguably one of the best in our college or even absolutely, and I have manged to write his two subjects two times ;-)], our project guide. Diplu could not come because of a cycle accedent. He fell down from a cycle and it’s not serious but manged with some three or four wounds. We started with discussion of our project and we moved to various other topics. We discussed about books and softwares. He told he was convinced about the need of Free software and its importance. He was in doubt about the violation of law made every day. He pointed out the software piracy and its implications. We are trying hard to bring him to the Free Software community. He pledged his support for our efforts to spread the message of Software Freedom.
He discussed about the book reviews and his plan to write a book.

Then I mailed some Firefox tips to some of the free software groups. We are moving ahead with our palns for FOSS conference on Jan 29. Today we’ve Birthady treats of Karthik and Titto.

Bye then
Signing off


Another year started

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Yesterday (or rather today) I woke up at 9 (early for a holiday, even week days I won’t be up by 9!). I gave YOPER and OpenCd to the canteen guy so that Dr. Felix could have it when he pass by Canteen. We have been exchanging cds for some time (It started with ubuntu), he gave me Suse 9.2 and I gave him Fedora 3, Mandrake 10.1, Novell Linux 9, Kalango 3.0 … Read the rest of this entry »


Very Many wishes for a happy New year

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* May the year 2005 give you –
* Independence of GNU
* Power of Hurd
* Popularity of Apache
* Extensibility of Firefox
* Luxury of .GNU
* Efficiency of Python
* Ease of Gambas
* Robustness of SQL
* Vision of OpenOffice
* Simplicity of HTML
* Style of Linspire
* Dexterity of Gimp
* Enormity of Blender
* Vastness of Internet
* Compactness of JPG
* Richness of PNG
* Coverage as Novell
* Reach of Redhat
* Choice of Gentoo

Happy New year to all. We are all geared up for an active new year full of activities from cultural to technical. As for NSS we plan many activities like campaign against use of plastic and popularisation of alternatives like paper bags. We plan a cultural festival called Garland. All volunteers in our college are in good spirits after a wonderful and memorable special camp of 10 days. We, glugc (GNU/Linux users group Calicut) have planned a FLOSS (Free/Libre nad Open Source Software) technologies conference in our campus. Today we met our teacher
Suresh Kumar
and had a live discussion on FLOSS and other related topics. What inspired me to update today was Dilpu’s Blog. I hope to continue updating it in the coming year.
New year wishes for all.
Signing off now
[Updates] :
1. Garland A meeting point of cultures across the nation
2. Busy with FLOSS meet
3. Wonderful wheather ! FLOSS Meet a grand success
4. Suresh Kumar sir says he is convinced about the need of FOSS and its importance


I’m alive!

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Hello I am back after a delay of some months I am updating my blog. I hope I will update it frequently. The reason for this delay was placements. It had a happy end with me got placed in HP GDIC (Hewlett – Packard Global Delivery India center, formerly Digital global soft). Now one more year left in college (I hope so, I don’t want to go to higher studies unless it is something to do with computers). Now I missed lot of classes and its time for our second sessionals and I hope to give a better fight this time. NSS activities are also quite fine. All are geared up for the special camp which come after the main exams, that will be end of November. Bye for now.

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