LJ and blogger – a comparison

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Surjo asked in blogbangs group

Is Bloggers.com good ? I mean is it like
Bloggers.com rocks and LJ sucks or vice versa ?

This was my reply
* I started with LJ (now I’ve installed worpress and it rocks !!). It is a great community and you are well connected with friends (LJ even have their own song). The friends list is the thing I like the most.
* Blogger is completely customisable.
* Some dumped Blogger and came over to LJ and some the other way.
* You can use any other feeds for LJ (only for payed members), like Atul Chitnis’ blog.
* Blogger is from Google and LJ is completely Open Source.

My vote is for LJ. If you want flexibility to full extend I suggest you use wordpress.
Any comments welcome


Hello world!

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Hey I got WordPress running. It is so cool! I got a shell account from rootshell.be with PHP enabled (you need to request for it) and then a mysql account from bizhostnet.com.

I have been blogging in LJ [ <lj user=”pravi”></lj>]and I really like it, but I had to part since wp gives me freedom and the flexibility. Now I have got a domain too pravi.co.nr.